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Hi, my name is Janike and I am the mom, sewist and all around creative energy behind JannaNanna. JannaNanna is essentially a family run business, where everyone has input in most aspects of the business. This business is run in our home so I thought it is only fitting to introduce us all; pictured above is me and my husband - without his support and encouragement JannaNanna wouldn't exist. Together we have 2 young children who have both been cloth bums. Both are ever busy bodies in the sewing room, as you can see above and pictured on the far right is our junior sewist and all around amazing human, Angella.

JannaNanna was born in 2018 after I had struggled to find cloth nappies which fit our really large boy. I decided to start sewing using the machine that my father had gifted me but which was unused in a cupboard. After not very long at all I realised that I absolutely loved sewing and making nappies and so decided to start this business. It took me about 6 months to set up what needed to be in place to run a small business on our facebook group.

I am a self taught sewist, professionally trained in Visual and Fine arts as well as Graphic design. When you mix that all up you get JannaNanna.  I really do care for things which are beautiful, practical and well made and I try to bring that through in all aspects of the brand. I design some of our own banana prints which are 100% unique and locally printed and I try to edit all my sewing patterns so that they are unique to JannaNanna.


Till mid way through 2020 I was the only sewer and maker for JannaNanna but then brought on some much needed assistance. Angella is still in training at the moment but she is taking over many of the production jobs quite quickly, giving me room to focus on other aspects of the business.
I have partnered up with since 2019, who stocks ready to purchase JannaNanna waterproof softshell covers and fitted nappies. Check out their online boutique when you get a chance!


This website is where you can buy most of our products which are in stock and ready to courier. I am slowly adding our own stock as well as becoming a reseller for a well curated range of related products. Please send an email or use the chat function, in the bottom right hand corner of this website, should you have any questions. And please join our Facebook Group to stay up to date with any news, sales, specials, product launches etc.

Thank you for visiting our site, please come again!



Janike & the JannaNanna team