• Sold as a set of 5 wipes
  • Cloth wipes are a no brainer if you are already using reusable cloth diapers
  • Wetwipes are causing a massive problem, polluting and blocking up sewer systems all over the world
  • They unfortunately do not bio degrade, even if they are "compostable" because landfill is not a compost site
  • Single use wipes make no sense, so make the change to cloth wipes today!
  • Our cloth wipes are made of 2 layers of cotton flannel which makes then nice and thin and gives them grip for cleaning those messy nappy situations!
  • I suggest always using toilet paper first to clean the majority of the mess, flush that down the toilet, then use cloth wipes and water to finish off the job, leaving baby's bum sparkly clean!

Cotton Flannel Wipes