• Additional Snake inserts are a great addition to your nappy stash!
  • They can be snapped into your JannaNanna Softshell Covers to turn those covers into a full day time nappy
  • One JannaNanna Softshell cover paired with 2-3 sets of snake inserts can last you 2-3 changes! Turning your JannaNannas into All-in-2 nappies
  • Making cloth diapering a little more affordable and allowing you to minimise the size of your stash!
  • You can also use these inserts in your Snap in one or pocket nappies as additional inserts for those pesky winter or rainy days where your inserts just wont dry as fast as your covers


Insert Specs:

  • Snake = 1 layer of luxuriously soft Yellow Hand Dyed Bamboo Velour + 3 Layers of soft Black 100% Cotton fleece
  • Booster = 4 layers of black cotton fleece


When folded in half with the booster added, you have 12 lovely layers of excellently absorbent fabric!


NOTE: These inserts can snap into most WAHM styled nappies

Additional Snake Insert (Velour Topped)