These Aladdin Fleece Longies are AWESOME as winter night time or home play nappy covers over fully absorbent fitted nappies or flats.


  • Super gentle
  • Very roomy
  • "Grows with baby"
  • Stunning night Nappy Cover
  • Great for day time play as a cover or as pants


  • Made only from high quality, thick, anti-pil polar fleece which is double layered in the nappy zone for extra protection against wetness
  • The polar fleece is highly Water resistant and does NOT absorb, acting as a wicking barier between your child's cloth nappy and outside surfaces. 
  • Polar Fleece is favoured by cloth moms for its affordability and its gentleness over longs night time stretches on their baby's skin.
  • Ensure that the absorbent part of your nappy is sufficient for your baby's liquid output and then your fleece pants will work wonders!


  • They have an extra length waitsband and ankle cuffs made from locally manufactured cotton lycra ribbing to allow for an extra comfy fit and that extra growth. (The cotton does absorb so keep the cotton bands away from your child's diaper underneath)


  • Because of the very roomy design of these longies, they accommodate a very large size range, with our medium fitting approximately from 6 months to 4 years (body type depending of course)
  • This makes them an investment in your child's clothdiapering experience!
  • They can also be used as regular pants on a cold day!


Aladdin Fleece Longies