• Our reusable cloth menstrual pads are an awesome alternative to disposable menstrual pads
  • If you are aleady using cloth products or want to make the switch, this one is super easy and not nearly as daunting as it may seem at first
  • Simply start with a couple of different sizes and try them out during your next period - order more of the specific sizes you enjoy using the most or the ones you need
  • Our cloth pads are trim and beautiful to use, bringing a small silver lining to being on your period!


8 inch Liner:

  • The 8inch Liner is just that - a liner - but has more coverage and security than the 6 inch
  • Used for light incontenance OR during the begining and end stages of your period OR with your menstrual cup for that extra peace of mind 
  • 2 layers of thick cotton fleece+ Cotton Lycra Topper


10 inch Regular Pad:

  • The 10 inch Regular Pad is your basic cloth menstrual pad, commonly used during light to medium flow days of your period
  • 2 layers of thick cotton fleece + Cotton Lycra Topper


12 inch Large Pad:

  • The 12 inch Large Pad is used during the day time for those heavier flow days or during the night time for when your flow is not quite that heavy
  • 3 layers of thick cotton fleece + Cotton Lycra Topper

14 inch Large Pad:

  • The 14 inch Large Pad is used for night time for those that have average flow periods or during the day time for extremely heavy flow or postpartum
  • 3 layers of thick cotton fleece + Cotton Lycra Topper


Our pads are made with:

  • Waterproof softshell fleece, with the fluffy/'fleecy' side to go against your panty for non slip security
  • 2-3 layers of heavy cotton fleece and hemp fleece for the core for good absorbency
  • Topped with Black cotton fleece
  • Adjustable wing snaps to hug around your panty to keep your pad in place


**If you are new to cloth pads and feel overwhealmed with what to purchase, please don't hestitate to contact me on whats app 064 676 9040

Cloth Menstrual Pads (Prints)

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