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  • Fully Absorbent Fitted Nappies are used mostly as night nappies.
  • One nappy with a cover should last your baby 8-12 hours without changing.
  • Night nappies are more bulky than day nappies because it is designed to go much longer stretches without changing.
  • Note that newborns need to be changed much more frequently than older babies because they consume such large quantities of milk,  and most babies still poop at night till 3 or 4 months old.


Nappy Specs:


  • This fully absorbent fitted nappy is made from high quality locally manufactured unbrushed black cotton fleece
  • Outer shell is 3 layers 
  • Snake style snap in inserts that are 3 layers of soft black cotton fleece, topped with one layer of soft hand dyed yellow bamboo velour

*snap in snake inserts make customizable absorption in the wet zone easy

  • 4 layer black cotton fleece booster
  • The nappies the nappy fully adjustable allowing to fit for a wide range of sizes
  • This nappy is designed for medium to medium/heavy wetters and can be boosted if needed (Buy boosters HERE)

NOTE: Nappy needs a cover. You can shop covers HERE



  • OSFM (One Size Fits Most) Fits babies from about 5kg -17kg body type depending

- Has a Fold Down Rise size adjustment


  • NB (New Born) Fits babies from about 2.5kg -7kg body type depending

- Has a Snap Down Rise adjustment

JannaNanna Cotton Fitted Nappies

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