"After my firstborn, the idea of manufacturing vest extenders in South Africa began to take root.  Kiki vest extenders, named after my daughter, was established in 2015. Being proudly South African, my product is locally produced and sourced from the fabric to the labour. These useful gadgets clip onto the bottom of the baby vest, extending it up to 10cm. They fit onto the majority of store bought baby vests."


They are perfect for:

  • Extending the life of your favourite vests
  • Fitting over cloth-bums preventing vests from tearing
  • Tall, skinny babies, whose vest fit in the width but not in length."


Description taken from the Kiki Vest Extenders Website


*Note that these vest extanders although compatible with most shop purchases vests, do not fit all metal snaps


Sold as a set of 3 of the same colour

Kiki Vest Extenders

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