• Sold as a set of 5
  • Micro Fleece liners are a 100% synthetic, polyester liner used inside cloth nappies
  • Micro Fleece has a finer knit and brush than polar fleece so feels much fluffier and softer than polar fleece
  • The liner is put against baby's bum to both act as a stay dry layer for babies with wetness sensitivity and also to catch poop - making poop clean up a breeze!
  • It is recommended to use a device that sprays water with pressure ie: bidet sprayer, to make poop clean up as efficient as possible
  • It is not recommended to put human poop in a dustbin, and please don't flush "biodegradable" nappy liners
  • Fleece Liners are 100% reusable and washable
  • These fleece liners are large for better coverage and have no sewn edging, so can be cut to size if you would prefer them to be smaller for say, a newborn. Polyester fleece does not fray
  • If your baby has a reaction to micro fleece liners they may have a sensitivity or allergy towards polyester, in which case it is recommended to try cotton liners (not stay dry) or merino wool liners (100% natural)

Micro Fleece Liners