• Our Natural cotton fleece is customly manufactured for our supplier to a very high standard
  • It is locally milled and knitted
  • 100% 240gsm Cotton
  • Unbrushed, Unbleached and Undyed giving it its lovely natural colour

Our natural flats have been through much less processing during the manfacturing stage than our dyed fabrics which means that they WILL TAKE LONGER TO BECOME FULLY ABSORBENT, but once they are, they will be your MOST ABSORBENT FLAT and also stay the softest. 


All our natural fibre products including these cotton fleece flats are partially prepped, meaning that they have been put through at least one 60 degree celcius wash and dried on hot. 

This insures that they are clean of any production dirt, residue and oils. It also ensures that they do not shrink when you wash them on 40 degrees.



Natural Cotton Flats

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