• JannaNanna Waterproof Softshell Covers is one of our staple and most loved products
  • Made with one layer of stretchy, high quality printed swim lycra / yori & black waterproof softshell fleece
  • Our softshell covers are very roomy and accommodate a wide range of sizes
  • Suitable for chunkier babes and excellent as a night time cover
  • Generally much gentler on the legs than PuL covers and prolong the possibility of elastic burns (sometimes experienced by wet elastics commonly from PuL covers over night nappies)
  • Very versatile item to have in your cloth nappy stash
  • Perfect as a daytime and night time cover
  • Used over fully absorbent nappies ie: Flats, fitteds and prefolds
  • Can take additional snake inserts to snap into cover and becomes a full daytime nappy



  • Petite Size fits babies from 3.5kg - 10kg (Body type depending)

(The Petite is a lovely intermediate size that can be worn on larger newborns from birth and on smaller toddlers till potty training. So if you expect a large newborn or if OSFM covers are too "bulky" on your petite little one, then this is the cover for you!)

  • Made from stretchy fabric to fit more comfotably on baby
  • Long stretchy wings to wrap around baby
  • Double row waist snap closure for extra support
  • Rise snaps for adjustable sizing
  • Tummy elastic to keep wet night nappies from touching clothing & bedding
  • 2 bum snaps to allow for additional inserts to snap into the cover whereby becoming an All-in-2 nappy system

Petite Waterproof Softshell Cover

PriceFrom R210,00