• Pocket nappies are one of the most loved type of nappy by South African Cloth Moms!
  • It is versatile as it can be "stuffed" with many absorbent materials and customised according to baby
  • JannaNanna Pocket nappies are OSFM (one size fits most / fit 5-17kg)
  • Made with one layer of stretchy, high quality printed swim lycra / yori - One layer of high quality waterproof PuL - and one layer of AWJ
  • Comes standard with a 4 layer 100% cotton Fleece snake styles insert which is folded in half to create 8 layers of absorbency. *Please note that our nappies are made slightly narrower between the legs than other popular brands
  • Our Pockets are stretchy and accomodate a wide range of sizes
  • Suitable for chunkier babes 
  • If the inserts are not absorbent enough I would recommend adding an additional cotton or hemp booster
  • Not suitable as a night time nappy



  • OSFM fits babies from 5kg - 17kg (Body type depending)
  • Made from stretchy fabric to fit more comfotably on baby
  • Long stretchy wings to wrap around baby
  • Double row waist snap closure for extra support
  • Rise snaps for adjustable sizing

Pocket Nappies

PriceFrom R300,00