• It is suitable for both silicone and TPE cups and is made from natural ingredients. The powder is effective in removing stains, odour and dried residue without leaving any particles behind.
  • You need to dissolve 1 spoon of this powder in Very hot water and leave the menstrual cup in it for an hour. Since the powder is free from synthetic fragrances, you need not worry about any infections or allergies.


With Roodt monthly cup cleaner:
– You avoid the risk of burning your menstrual cup when boil.
– The cup will recover to a large extent its original color, yes it removes stains. How great is this
– It is ideal when you are traveling or camping, or you are simply away from home.


Taking care of you Menstrual cup has never been easier!

Roodt Monthly (Menstrual) Cup Cleaner

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