• Perfect Prefolds are made from 2 layers of extremely stretchy cotton terry
  • With a 2 layer cotton fleece trifold
  • Prefolds area GREAT alternative to flats as they are already partially "folded"
  • They are still relatively thin so can dry much faster than a fully absorbent fitted diaper
  • Prefolds can be easily boosted by simply placing extra absorbent layers between the prefold layers in the wet zone
  • These Prefolds are made for light to medium wetters as they are but can be boosted
  • BDAD Tie Dye Prefolds are custom, hand dyed
  • They have been partially prepped and the dye has been set BUT it is always recommended that hand dyed items be washed seperately or with dark colours only for the first few washes in a cold wash to prevent colour bleeding



Sip (Small) = 2-10kg

Slurp (Medium) = 9-16kg

Gulp (Large) = 13kg+


  • Each prefold is completely unique due to thier hand dyed nature
  • When purchasing these prefolds please keep in mind that you will get a random prefold from our batch of stock
  • NOTE: The images on the website are simply examples for illustration purposes

Tie Dye Perfect Prefolds

PriceFrom R130,00