• Our yellow cotton fleece is manufactured in South Africa and is of the highest quality!
  • 260gsm brushed cotton fleece is used to make these gorgeous flats
  • They are highly absorbent, stretchy, squishy and affordable 
  • All cotton fleece products are pre washed and pre shrunk and will reach maximum absorbency after another 6-8 washes
  • Flats make an excellent night time and day time diaper solution
  • Flats must be paired with a waterproof or water resistant cover to be effective



Small (50x50cm) 2kg - 7kg, 

Medium (60x60cm) 4kg - 10kg

Large (70x70cm) 7kg - 18 kg

**Sizes fit these weight ranges build depending of individual children



  • Dries Fast
  • Washes easily - even by hand
  • Shape is completely customisable
  • Absorbency is customizable
  • Can be folded to stuff into pockets
  • Has excellent overall absorbency 
  • Make great impromptu "spoeg doeke"
  • Cost effective



  • Must be folded


** Should you need a custom sized flat diaper eg: premmie or large toddler please dont hesitate to contact me on whats app 0646769040

Squishy Cotton Flats

PriceFrom R80,00